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Can You Guess a Few of the Top Ten Quotes of 2020?

Eloquent or not...

The Top Ten Quotes of 2020

Every year, Fred Shapiro, a librarian at Yale, compiles a list of the top ten quotes of the year and adds them to his book, The Yale Book of Quotations. Shapiro searches for quotes that

“…become famous, important and historic (throughout the year) or quotes that say a lot about the nature of our culture and society at the time.”

I wish that there was a list for the top quotes out of literature this year — — you know, like a “who’s who” of sentences pulled from bestsellers, instead of a list of the phrases that we’ll quip the most often. Next year, I think I’ll compile my own list of the top ten quotes from bestsellers in the hopes that the list wouldn’t skew so heavily toward politics.

But I guess the quotes of a culture are driven by political rhetoric and current events. I didn’t make the list…just passing it on!

The List of the Top Ten Quotes of 2020 selected for The Yale Book of Quotations:

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