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The Magic of Ordinary


A heart-tugging memoir of a daddy, his daughters, and the power of one good man to change the world...

"Melissa Gouty writes the magical story of all our lives in The Magic of Ordinary. If you grew up in the '60s and the '70s, this is an Our Town for our generation."

         - Teresa Medeiros, NYT Bestselling Author

“So much more than the sum of its parts!"


"The Magic of Ordinary begins as a middle daughter’s salute to a loving, carefree and, in many ways, fearless father who led his children in the sorts of adventures that made memories. The book soon becomes about so much more. About friendship. About the value of small-town ritual. About dealing with extended family and family secrets. About faith. And, yes, about death. This book made me smile and it made me cry. Just like a good book should. And this is a good book." 

 - Lynn Lewis

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