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Happy National Book Lovers Day:

Reading is everything

A woman book lover staring longingly at shelves of books

The most powerful weapon for good in the world

There is nothing I can say that others haven't said before me.

Books are the least expensive, most powerful weapon to battle prejudice and ignorance. They enlighten and inspire and make us better people.

Reading increases tolerance, teaches history, explains concepts, stimulates imagination, gives solace, and provides hope.

Books entertain, educate, and entice us. They take us to foreign countries, transport us to different eras, and introduce us to interesting characters. Books give us access to celebrities, insight into controversies, and an understanding of other perspectives.

They've been with me since I was born, and in my long life, not a day of my life has been lived without a book.

If there ever comes a time when people are rewarded for the number of books they've read, I'll be a champion.

If - and I can only dream - there's ever a monetary reward for the number of pages perused, I will be a millionaire!

Happy National Book Lover's Day

In honor of National Book Lover's Day, this year on August 9, 2023, I'm sharing a list of favorite pieces acknowledging my obsession with books and stories, along with my passionate belief that reading makes my life - and the world - a better place!

4 Ways a Lifetime of Reading Gives You a Competitive Boost

Book Quotes

I have hundreds of quotes about books and the joy of reading scribbled into notebooks and stashed in cyber files because they reflect what I so fervently believe: that reading is the most important activity anyone can ever engage in.

In my dreams, I no longer have to earn a living but spend my days reading books and writing about what I've read, posting meaningful book articles to inspire others to read more.

For today, though, in the reality of the working world, I'm going to celebrate National Book Lover's Day, hoping that more people will read books and improve the world with the knowledge and compassion they consume.

It only seems right to quote Frederick Douglass today:

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

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